Hi! I’m Elyse Holladay.

I’m a lady, a front-end architect, and an Austinite.

I've been writing HTML and CSS for over ten years. I sparkling heart emoji architecting Sass and CSS, and think refactoring it is even more exciting, especially for enterprise products and applications.

After working for small client-focused web shops, I kicked off my product-based career at Bazaarvoice building CSS templates, learning to refactor, and designing and testing new products. Then I moved to Square Root to build the front-end architecture for their flagship application, Coefficient.

I also taught front-end development to beginners at MakerSquare, as well as coding and design for internal projects.

Now I am a Front-End Architect at RetailMeNot in Austin. We are building a consumable front-end Sass style guide and code package as well as redesigning RMN.com!

I firmly believe in working with great people and that the best opportunities come from saying yes and figuring it out later. I'm enthusiastic about how working on products differs from client work, how we learn and inspire, and diversity in the tech industry.

I'm spending more time than ever speaking at conferences and sharing my knowledge. I speak mainly about Sass, refactoring, and how we learn, challenge ourselves, and help others along the way.

At a conference recently I gave a talk titled “I Have No Idea What I'm Doing“ about learning & impostor syndrome. After I spoke, an older woman came up to me. She said she'd been learning to code for 6 months, and didn't feel like she could attend events as a beginner, but seeing my talk title was enough to encourage her that she could belong.

Encouraging and inspiring people like her, whereever they are in their journey, has become my inspiration.


SassConf 2015

Instead of speaking, I am focusing most of my 2015 conference energies on running the CFP and speaker selection for SassConf.

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

Exploring impostor syndrome, the fine line between deceit and 'fake it til you make it,' and discovering ways we can be intentful about how we learn, challenge ourselves, and share our knowledge.

FrontEndConf · St. Petersburg, FL · July 11, 2014

CSSConf Oakland · Oakland, CA · December 9, 2014

Converge SE · Columbia, SC · April 16, 2015


Choose Your Own Refactoring Adventure!

SassConf · New York City · October 4, 2014 · a workshop with Jina Bolton

The State of FrontEnd Panel

Refresh Austin · Austin, TX · Sept 9, 2014 · with Sophie Shepherd, Joel Goodman, Matt Jared, Michael Way

Streamlining your CSS with Sass / Sass Overview

An overview of Sass features, installation and tools, and authoring tips and tricks.

E4H Sass Summit · online · Nov, 2014

E4H Front-End Summit · online · August 21, 2014

ATXSass Meetup #1 · Austin, TX · August 19, 2014

Press OK to Cancel

Performance, language, clean, commented and modular code, semantics, interactivity, workflow, and testing are all pieces of the puzzle that is a delightful experience. Everyone who works on your site is responsible for the user experience.

CampSass · San Francisco, CA · April 19, 2014 · Slides

Get Sassy

Everyone's telling you how amazing Sass is… but what do you mean you can't just delete your entire CSS folder and start over? Where do you begin transferring your legacy CSS to Sass? Learn how to use Sass as a tool that will help you write maintainable, modular CSS that is easy to refactor as you move forward—and maybe even help clean up your HTML, too.

Refresh Austin · Austin, TX · August 13, 2013

Thunder Plains Conf · Oklahoma City, OK · November 7, 2013 · Slides

Framework & Style Guide Panelist

SassConf · New York City · October 13, 2013 · Video

I'm actively involved the Austin tech scene, teach for Girl Develop It, started (the now totally defunct) atxnerdyladi.es, and co-organize ATXSass.

I have a GIF for every occasion and enjoy using them obnoxiously, an epic makeup collection, and never met a book I didn't like. I love to cook and am currently trying to perfect my migas recipe.

I try to get out from behind the laptop and spend time at the pool, practice my yoga handstands, or just relax with my partner in crime, my fiancé Jeffrey.

Please say hello!