Not all skills are visible on a resume. Here's me at my best, explained via my CliftonStrengths Top 5.


I make things happen by turning ideas into actions. I'm a catalyst—my energy is the push that people often need to move from discussion to action. I believe doing is how we learn.


I'm a visionary. My powerful visions and explanations of what could be helps others turn aspirations into reality. I can see in detail what the future might hold, and this detailed picture keeps pulling me—and others—forward.


I can sort through the complexity and find the next best move. Faced with any given scenario, I can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues. This perspective allows me to see patterns where others simply see complexity. This makes me an agile decision-maker—and unafraid to make choices with limited information.


I accumulate information, ideas, and relationships that help me make credible and well-informed decisions.


My ability to find words for my (and your) thoughts and feelings helps me make meaningful connections.

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