31 Dec 2014  ·  post

A How-To Guide to Doing New Year’s Eve Alone at Home

I started my New Year’s Eve going back to a thing I haven’t done in a while: yoga. I went to Leigh’s New Year’s Eve class where we did 108 sun salutations. OK, I probably did more like 90. That was exhausting—but beautiful.

At 6pm I FaceTimed with Jeffrey, who...

23 Oct 2014  ·  post

A Reminder

“Work calmly, joyously, recklessly on whatever is in hand.”

Kate Matsudaira, who blogs about productivity, leadership, and being awesome, writes, “I make excuses like ‘I only have an hour, and so I guess I will wait to start when I have more time.’ [

16 Oct 2014  ·  post

What is a Front-End Architect?

At last week’s CSSDevConf, Micah Godbolt gave a great talk entitled Raising a Banner for Front-End Architecture, which really hit home.

Without stealing the thunder of his talk too much, I’ll try to summarize what I took away from it, and define what a Front-End Architect is.

27 Sep 2014  ·  quote

“It can be very frustrating to keep sucking at something without realizing that it’s not the thing you should be trying to get better at… Part of successfully growing up is letting go of unrealistic ideas that stop us from recognizing something else we’re good at and might enjoy more than what we’re doing now.”

merlin mann, the great discontent, source

14 Sep 2014  ·  post

a blog update!

While I obviously haven’t been diligent about blogging, it’s been on my mind. I have lots of half-started posts and ideas, so maybe one day they’ll end up here. I need to make sure I have a better deploy process. One step at a time!

For now, a fancy schmancy...

10 Sep 2014  ·  note


Mae determined my new catchphrase when teaching beginners how to build CSS/float layouts. #nailedit

09 Sep 2014  ·  note

the state of frontend at refresh austin

Sam Kapila moderated an awesome panel including Sophie Shepherd, Joel Goodman, Matt Jared, Michael Way, and I. We got to be silly and talk about frameworks, the tools we can’t live without, and general front-end goodness. Thanks!

04 Sep 2014  ·  note

Jina & I were on the SassBites podcast!

Jina Bolton and I were on the SassBites podcast, talking about our upcoming SassConf workshop! Thanks Micah for hosting us!

04 Sep 2014  ·  quote

I have to decide what’s more important: sharing my opinion and putting my family at risk, or staying quiet and keeping safe; making a point or letting my silence speak for me.

Every time I speak at a conference, write a blog post, or compose a tweet, I ask myself: “Is this it? Is this the [talk/post/tweet] that will send someone over the edge?”

Raquel Vélez, on followers, source

02 Sep 2014  ·  note


just found this browsing through my lolcommits history :heart_eyes: 😍