Hey, I'm Elyse. I'm a technical generalist.

Photo of Elyse standing with arms crossed, by Riley Blanks Reed at Woke Beauty
Currently: Freelance product management and webapp development, helping startups define, create, and build products. Clients include Rarely Decaf, Pair Team, Hello Generalist.
As a generalist, I pride myself on possessing hands-on experience in every step of the product development process. I can flex from wireframing and building a feature, to writing OKRs and driving product initiatives. As a natural big-picture thinker, I do my best work in the ambiguous place between design and dev, customer and business, vision and tactics.
I spent my first decade in tech focused on design systems at scale. I'm an experienced public speaker, teacher, and mentor. I've been writing CSS for over two decades (!). I thrive on momentum, collaboration, and most of all, I'm an activator: I turn thoughts into actions.
In 2020, I took a break from tech to go solo; I built The Unfolding, a personal style development program, hitting $80k in revenue in year one with a completely organic small audience and a conversion rate of 15%.

I'm an avid reader (to the tune of 100+ books/year), hobbyist cook, and off-the-charts extrovert. My pronouns are she/her. I’m currently based in San Francisco, after 15 years in Austin.