Hey. I’m Elyse. I'm a personal style coach and founder. I'm on a mission to help you feel good in and about your clothes.

Photo of Elyse standing with arms crossed, by Riley Blanks Reed at Woke Beauty
I run The Unfolding, a personal style development program. I've guided 25+ people through defining their personal style & learning to shop strategically. I'm building Jumpsuit, an app that teaches you to be stylish.
I spent my first decade in tech as a front-end engineer and product manager, focused on design systems at scale. I'm an experienced public speaker, teacher, and most of all, an activator: I turn thoughts into actions.

I'm an avid reader, hobbyist cook, and off-the-charts extrovert. My pronouns are she/her. I’m currently based in Austin, Texas.

I’d love to talk to you about:
getting your first 1,000 customers, value-driven entrepreneurship, your personal style, and what book you should read next.