Conference Talk

It's Not For Looking At: Building Impactful Design Systems

Front End Design Conf · St. Petersburg, FL · April 2024

When was the last time you shipped something that really felt impactful? We know a design system can be a powerful tool—but “value” and “impact” are difficult to define, quantify, and measure. Struggles with adoption, “convincing the business,” and yes, DS teams getting laid off, point to a challenging reality: we're not delivering the value we say we are.

In this talk, we'll explore the idea of “impact” and how to build a design system that delivers it. We'll look at the role of a design system in the product development process, how to measure its impact, and how to use that data to make the case for investment. We'll also discuss how to build a design system that's not just for looking at, but for making a real difference in your organization.

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